Miss preggy goes to Oslo

Things started somewhat hectic without it even being hectic:
I was running around the apartment while he was relaxed on the couch.

When all 2 trousers and tops were packed, I still had 40 minutes to spare, but I was warm and restless and just wanted to move 🙂

At the airport we went to check in.
No beep! But they wanted to check our bags.
I understand that the personnel are dealing with hundreds -maybe thousands of people everyday, but could they maybe not make such a mess in peoples bags and suitcases while roaming through? Especially when it’s neatly packed!?!
..sorry. Hormones.

The security guard ended up stealing my super-awesome-hairstyle-spray-thingy because the container was 150ml instead of 100ml -and I hate him for it 😦
I tried to fight for it, I might even have said a few harsh things, but when nothing worked, I gave up and I got upset.
..again. Hormones.

The plane ride was quick and painless and we headed out to get our tickets for the train to Oslo.
Blown away by the prices and I felt guilty for dragging him with me all this way for a concert he was only somewhat interested in catching, I told him to step back and I would pay for the tickets.
I inserted my card, entered the pin, accepted.
Problem: the machine wouldn’t print my ticket.
After one call and many re-tellings of the event to guards and conductors, we were finally on our way to Oslo city.

We arrived and I was confident I knew the way.
I pointed this way, that way and got us out of the station and out to the streets of Karl Johan.
Still confident we walked the streets carrying our luggage, looking for our hotel.

Less confident 15 minutes later, I picked up my phone and found Google Maps. This way!

More anxious than confident after 30 minutes of walking back and forth with a GPS-signal constantly changing, we found the hotel. We thought.

It was closed and all guests were to move to another hotel not too far from there.
Problem was, I’ve never really been around much in Oslo and had no idea, and neither did my travel companion. But we looked at the map and counted the blocks and turns, and started walking again.

When we finally found the other hotel, I felt horrid. It looked very, very poor and unclean, and I watched the next 24 hours go down the drain.

We entered and asked about our reservation. While he was looking, I had to ask why the guests were asked to move from the other hotel. They went bankrupt, he said.
I am certain he could see the fear and scepticism in my eyes.

I let out a huge sigh of relief when he told us that we were at the wrong hotel!
A 5 minute walk later, we found it!

After a quick change and burgers, we hurried to the concert arena and got in -1,5 hrs after the doors opened. We missed Insense, Rise to Remain and most of Ghost, but that’s ok, we were there to see Trivium and In Flames! 😀

We found the other guys in the middle of the crowd and it was time for Trivium!
Trivium started off with “In waves” which suited me quite well as I had been humming to that song for the last week or so 😉

In Flames (as seen from floor in Spectrum Arena)

But then a mosh pit was about to commence right next to us, and being “miss preggy” that I am, I knew it was time to gtfo -and we didn’t see the other guys until the end of the concert again 😛

For about 1/4 of the concert my view was like this. Legs tired from running around all day and then standing on what I believed to be a marble floor, actually (or granite) 🙂

Me with Matt Heafy from Trivium with In Flames playing in the background. FUCK YES 😀


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